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National Optician Apprenticeship Program

Information on how to apply

The National Optician Apprenticeship Program is open for students with the following qualifications:
  • Must be 18-years of age.
  • Completed a high school diploma.
  • Required to be employed in the optical industry, or eligible to apply for a job with help from Program Directors
  • Background checks are required.
Students may apply by emailing:

Program Benefits:
  • Earn and Learn on the job with career mobility upon passing national Optician exam(s).
  • Network with Industry Leadership
  • Earn continuous learning.
  • Participate in Study Abroad Trips
Program Schedule:
  • Program is offered during Fall, Spring & Summer Semesters
  • 100% online with require Monthly Zoom Meetings
  • Earn Apprenticeship-Hours
Online Modules:
  • Dispensing Theory 1 & 2
  • Advanced Optics
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Business Professional Development
  • Contact Lenses Theory 1 & 2

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